Youth politicians and civil society activists from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Norway at Utøya

«We have had the opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from each other how to consolidate democratic values, to cultivate social debate and to defend fundamental human rights. It was strong and very inspirational»

Frantisek Kopriva, Youth politician from the Czech Republic and participant at the workshop

Youth politicians and youth leaders from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Norway he participated in an international workshop at Utøya in August 2019.

Through exchange of experiences, discussions and concrete tools provided by EWC, the aim of the workshop was to strengthen the competences of the participants to act against hate speech, particularly in the public debate. 

The workshop provided a space to connect youth leaders across both party and organization affiliation, and at the end of the workshop, the participants highlighted the importance of educating members in their own organizations and to open up for more collaboration between political parties and civil society. 

The workshop was organized by The European Wergeland Centre and the Norwegian Embassies in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Warsaw.