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Governing Board

The European Wergeland Centre

Helga Hjetland

Vice Chair of the EWC Board
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Vice Chair of the Association for Employers in the Church of Norway and Church-related NGOs
Ms Hjetland was until 2009 President of Union of Education Norway (UEN) and until 2012 President of the United Nations Association of Norway. She has broad experience from the education sector, and has worked as teacher and head teacher (1973-88), as President of the Regional Teacher Union (1988-94) and was elected President of the National Teacher Union in 1994, and later as President of the merged Teacher Union in 2001. She is currently employed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education to follow up the new primary and secondary teacher education.
Ms Hjetland also has extensive experience from several national and international organizations, mostly in the field of education and development. She is Board member of the UNICEF committee of Norway.

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Karl Johans gate 2,
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