The picture shows participants at a training in the Schools for Democracy Program in Ukraine

Skoler for Demokrati

"Schools for Democracy" er EWCs nasjonale program for utdanning for demokratisk medborgerskap og menneskerettigheter i Ukraina. Hensikten er å bidra til en omfattende reform av skolesystemet i landet med vekt på desentralisering, demokratisering og nasjonal dialog.

What  A whole school approach training programme to democratize and decentralize school governance and encourage national dialogue and social cohesion between different regions of Ukraine.

For School students, teachers, school heads, parents, local community actors, education managers and local authorities

How Training for trainers, introductory trainings on democratic governance for school administration, planning workshops at schools involving all stakeholders followed by tailored online and offline support of changes at schools nationwide

Result Democratic transformation initiatives at schools and in local communities

Organized by EWC, The Council of Europe, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Financed by The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Karl Johans gate 2,
NO 0154 Oslo, Norway

Karl Johans gate 2,
NO 0154 Oslo, Norway

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